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Investor Relations

Our Board of Directors is currently composed of several members, although the number of our directors can be fixed from time to time by a resolution of the majority of our Board of Directors. There are three classes of Directors: Class 1 Directors, Class II Directors and Class III Directors.


At each annual meeting of stockholders, a class of directors will be elected for a three-year term to succeed those directors whose terms are expiring. The terms of the directors will expire upon the election and qualification of successor directors at the annual meeting of stockholders to be held each year.

For Class I Directors, Elections and/or appointments will be held every three years. For the Class II Directors, Elections and/or appointments will be held the following year after the election or appointments of the Class I Board members. The Class III Director’s elections and/or appointments will be held the year following the Class II elections or appointments.

You can contact TellAll Investor Relations department through the contact form at our website.

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